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Carol Gray - Social Stories website, by Carol Gray of the Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding. Includes What Is a Social Story?, Historical Context of Autism and Social Stories, Origins of Social Story Philosophy, Discovery of Social Stories, Social Story Sampler, Social Story Quiz (with answers), Screening Instrument (Is the story a social story ...), Articles and Research.

What Is a Social Story? Originated by Carol Gray, "Social Stories are a social learning tool that supports the safe and meaningful exchange of information between parents, professionals, and people with autism of all ages ... The Social Story Definition and ten defining characteristics (The Social Story Criteria) guide the development of every story and result a patient, respectful, and unassuming quality that is the hallmark of the approach. It is that quality that distinguishes genuine Social Stories from social scripts, skill checklists, or ‘social stories’ that do not meet the current definition."

Is the story in your hand a Social Story? Ask Carol Gray. It’s NOT a Social Story if ... A screening instrument. "While this instrument may convince you to discard a story, it may also be helpful in reviewing a story draft to identify problems and make improvements."

Social Stories criteria and the associated training in how to write them have been updated over time. In this chart, Carol Gray compares the Social Stories 10.0 (2004), 10.1 (2010), and 10.2 (2014) Criteria.