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1 Voice Communicating Together — Coventry, UK. "A world where the voice of every child and adult, however they communicate, is listened to and heard. 1Voice takes a family and social perspective on communication and recognises the great need for adult role models to inspire children and families alike. 1Voice promotes families supporting each other to overcome the isolation that being unable to speak can bring."

A Voice Discovered — Ventura, California. A Voice Discovered is a Non-Profit Organization that provides education, funding assistance, support and advocacy for people with complex communication needs. "We believe that all people, regardless of the severity of their disability have the right to have access to proper technology, therapy, and support to be able to communicate to the best of their ability." AAC, Technology, Assessments, Funding, Support, Events

AAC Users Group — Los Angeles Regional Center. "This is a monthly opportunity for users of AAC devices to socialize with other AAC users and learn some additional applications of their device… The group meets on the second Wednesday of every month from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Lanterman in the Koch-Young Resource Center. "

AAC Voice, Inc. — Victoria, Australia – AAC Voice Incorporated is a non-profit social and advocacy association. It was formed to raise community awareness, acceptance and support for people with complex communication needs who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices or systems. Events, Recent Projects, Publications and Resources (includes videos), Become a Member.

ACOLUG: AAC-RERC — Spread the Word. "Augmentative Communication Online User's Group (ACOLUG) is an Internet Listserv that allows users of augmentative communication and their families to communicate with each other and with professionals and students who are interested in augmentative communication. ACOLUG enables people who are separated by great geographic distances to "meet" and communicate with each other in a way that is convenient, comfortable and free!"

Anne McDonald Centre — "In Victoria, the Anne McDonald Centre provides augmentative communication services to any Victorian, regardless of age or diagnosis, who cannot speak (or cannot speak intelligibly) and who can attend the centre." Video, Stories, Information on Projects, Resources, Books for download (Annie's Coming Out, Speechless, Getting the Words Out: Enhancing Commnication for Nursing Home Residents), Links.

AAC Institute — Resource and Advocate for the AAC Community. "We are a not-for-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the most effective communication for people who rely on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). The two most important values expressed by people who rely on AAC are: 1. saying exactly what they want to say, 2. saying it as fast as they can." Resources, Online Courses and CEUs, News and Upcoming Events.

CAAC — Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Pretoria, South Africa. "In South Africa the prevalence of little or no functional speech (LNFS) seems much higher than in other Western countries: A study within the greater Pretoria, for example, showed that 39% of all children in schools for children with severe disabilities could be regarded as having LNFS." Training, AAC Manual, Downloads--newsletters, Conference/Workshop presentations, Abuse boards (communication boards developed by Diane Nelson Bryen so that people can report abuse even if they are illiterate, 20 languages, free download), Communication Bill of Rights, News, Media.

CandLE — Communication and Learning Enterprises, Cumbria, UK. "We are a not-for-profit communication aid centre which supports communication and learning needs of children and adults who need Alternative and Augmentative Communication and Assistive Technology…Our particular specialist areas are implementing and developing communication systems, supporting severely disabled students to access the mainstream curriculum and sustained involvement and networking with families and disability rights groups." A Brief Guide to FCT, Movement Issues, The Ladder, Learning in Small Steps, Assessment and Pupil Progress, Making Boards, Downloads (Spelling Boards, Eye-Point Pages, Motor Planning Training Program, Boards for Math Lessons, Making Choices, Games, Courses, AAC Self-Assessment Tool.

Communication Disabilities Access Canada — Mission: To provide information and education on human rights, access and inclusion for people who have communication disabilities. Projects (Communication Access Now, Access to Justice, AAC Self Study Course, Communication Assistants, Crimes and Abuse, Safety, Communication Rights, Legal Rights), Education, Resources, Toolkits. Communication Access Now project – Communication Access info, Videos, Toolkits, Make Your Service Accessible, Resources. Communication Access Symbol project and how to use it:

Communication Matters — UK. Communication Matters aims to increase understanding, awareness and knowledge of the needs of people with complex communication needs. Find help, What we do, Events and Training, Resources.

The Communication Mentors Network, Pennsylvania — The Communication Mentors' Network of PA is committed to supporting all people in raising their voices, exercising choice and control, and promoting independence by utilizing desired ways of communicating. Who We Are, History, Stories, Resources, Links, Communication Mentors' Course information.

Communication Alliance, Green Mountain Self-Advocates — Barre, Vermont. The Communication Allliance is a "group of individuals who communicate using facilitated communication. The Alliance works to spread awareness about autism, the presumption of competence and alternative forms of communication."

E.A.S.E. Foundation - Educate Advocate Support Empower — Sri Lanka. "Our vision is to enable people with disabilities to create productive and stimulating lives. Educate - we educate people with disabilities, their families and society. We presume competence and recognize communication as a human right and so we teach alternative communication to those who need an alternative to speech. We teach society a different view of disability, to celebrate diversity."

Institute on Communication and Inclusion, Syracuse, NY — "For almost 20 years, the Institute on Communication and Inclusion (ICI) has been giving a voice and a means to communicate to people with disabilities who may have otherwise been living in silence or isolation by conducting research and promoting support for people with disabilities to communicate in schools and society. Formerly called the Facilitated Communication Institute, our updated name represents a broadened focus, reflecting lines of research, training and public dissemination that focus on school and community inclusion, narratives of disability and ability, and disability rights."

International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) — "ISAAC supports and encourages the best possible communication methods for people who find communication difficult. [Members of ISAAC] have a 'vision' that everyone in the world who could communicate more easily by using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), will be able to do so." Website is in text with symbols (choose one as you enter the site): PCS from Mayer-Johnson, Blissymbols, or Widgit Rebus. What is AAC; Who benefits; Glossary of AAC Terminology; University and Research Directory (academic course content, clinical service delivery, research, clinical experience opportunities; searchable by topic); chapter and conference information. Journal and newsletter available with membership. ISAAC International Chapters:

Michigan AAC blog — (formerly known as MiSAAC) MAAC-Michigan AAC on Facebook

North Carolina Augmentative Communication Association — The mission of the NCACA is to provide leadership in the promotion of the best possible communication for people in NC with complex communication needs. Newsletter (Aug-Communiqué), information on training and annual conference, conference handouts, summer training workshops.

Patient Provider Communication Website — The Patient Provider Communication Forum is a national and international effort to promote information sharing, cooperation and collaboration among individuals who are committed to seeking improvements in patient-provider communication across the entire health care continuum--from a doctor's office, emergency room, clinic, ICU, acute care and rehabilitation hospital, home health service and hospice.Useful Information, Annotated Bibliography, Case Examples, Communication Tools, Medical Encounter Materials, Presentations.

Queensland (QLD) Facilitated Communication Training Inc., Australia — Queensland Facilitated Communication Training Incorporated was formed in response to interest from members of the community in October 2007…Our membership includes people who have complex communication needs and use the strategy of FCT, their friends, family members, teachers, therapists and support networks. News, Resources, Bios, Links, Events, FCT Videos.

Quiet Riot — UK: A voice that will be heard, a voice to be reckoned with! Quiet Riot is a group of young adults who don't use the spoken word. Quiet Riot had their first meeting four years ago. They meet in Manchester but come from around the UK, with members in Holland and Ireland.

Quiet Thunder — Maine, US. Adult social group with regular meetings, Autism Society of Maine.

REACH (formerly WAPADH), Santa Fe Springs, California — Nonprofit organization. Mission Statement: To transform lives of people with disabilities through innovative education, communication and housing services. Important Voices, Challenging Behaviors, Resources, Forms, Blog, FAQ, Symposium 2015, Supported Communication Training.

RERC-AAC — "The RERC on AAC is a collaborative center committed to advancing knowledge and producing innovative engineering solutions in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)."

Saved by Typing, Indiana — "Typing isn't for everyone, but for us it opens the window to the world and awesomely introduces relationship at a profoundly meaningful level. We are autistic individuals who have no way to communicate, until someone introduced us to typing." How Typing Works, Struggles for a Voice, Typers, Trainers, Events, Blog, Monthly Celebrations of Communication meetings, Videos, Resources.

Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs — blog by Kate Ahern. PermaPosts, Activities online links.

US Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (USSAAC). The website provides "information on the technology, tools and therapies within the world of AAC. [...] our primary mission is to celebrate the individuals who rely on nonverbal communication." AAC Intervention, Prerequisites (There are no prerequisites ...). "If you are a member of USSAAC, you are automatically a member of ISAAC."

Vermont Communication Task Force (VCTF) — The purpose of the VCTF is to improve supports for communication primarily for transition age students and adults with developmental disabilities so that they can communicate more effectively in order to participate more fully in community life, make decisions and better advocate for themselves. The Task Force provides information, education, training and resources to people with disabilities, family members, service providers and community members.

Watch Our Words (WOW) Colorado — An organization for users of Facilitated Communication and their friends in Colorado. Why WOW, Meetings, Events, We Speak, Links.